Some new and some old with Jonny as guitarist,
in studio, live or unplugged on Youtube.

Nöjesteatern i Malmö med Magnus Härenstam (Film).

Nöjesteatern i Malmö med Glenn Wish (Film).

Hemmarepa i Coronatider (Film).
Blandad musik med Jonny Zandihn (JZ).

Jonny o Peder blues live in Copenhagen. JZ Live blues band in Copenhagen.
JZ Barnens framtidssång med Jonny & Marie. JZ Malmö Blues & Jazz Game.
JZ Track04. JZ Seize the day.
JZ Parents to their unborn baby. Tears in haven" in a funeral with JZ.
JZ Love. Free Jazz 1998 with JZ.

Hemmarepa i Coronatider (Film).